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The Brexit Party is still formalising policies. Here are just some that have been finalised. The framework on which all further policies will be based is that of compassion and competence.

Changing Politics for Good

Leaving the undemocratic EU is just the start. The betrayal of Brexit by the establishment has shown the need for fundamental reform of Britain’s broken political system.

• We are formulating proposals to reform our unrepresentative electoral system, reform the power of the unelected House of Lords, clean up the postal voting system, and challenge the entrenched, unaccountable influence of institutions such as the civil service and the BBC.

Change the Economy and Public Services for Good

We recognise that a strong and dynamic national economy with a global outlook is the key to creating the good jobs and quality services that Britain needs for a brighter future,

• We want the whole of the UK to prosper post-Brexit. That means tackling the big regional imbalances in the UK economy. At present Britain is divided, between London and the rest of the country. Our world-beating capital city is able to look after itself. It’s time to Invest in the Rest.

• Infrastructure investment in London is now up to four times bigger than in the regions. Major investment in transport and digital infrastructure outside London can help to create growth, rebuild the regions and improve people’s lives.

• We want to invest a Brexit dividend of up to £200 billion in the regions. We can raise this money by:

- cancelling the £100bn HS2 vanity project

- refusing to pay the £39bn ‘divorce bill’ demanded by the EU;

- halving the bloated and wasteful Foreign Aid budget over seven years – saving up to £60bn.

• We want people around the country to recommend local transport and infrastructure projects where investment from the £200bn could transform their communities, especially for those on lower incomes. The £100 billion reclaimed from ditching HS2 can be spent far more productively on smaller scale infrastructural projects throughout the country. The Taxpayer’s Alliance - incorporating the opinions of surveyors, engineers and transport industry experts - have produced a thorough detailing 28 small-scale projects that would be far more beneficial for the country than HS2, and together would only cost £45 billion.

Inheritance Tax:

The Brexit Party intends to abolish Inheritance Tax, the most hated Tax in Britain. It is not fair that the results of prudent saving and investment over a lifetime, from money that has already been taxed, is then taxed again.

Student Loans:

The cost of going to university is a huge issue for many young people and their parents. It is not right to charge interest of 6%-plus on student loans, when the government can borrow at a fraction of that.

• We will introduce zero interest rates on all student loans. We will also cancel all accumulated historical interest. This will save students much anxiety about the cost of going to university and allow them to plan for the future.

Broadband and Wi-Fi:

Access to the internet is now as important to people’s daily lives as other utilities. Yet affordable fast broadband is still a pipedream for millions, especially in regions furthest from London. Levelling the playing field by providing free broadband for all would help drive economic growth. Substantial investment is needed to connect the millions still stranded on slow broadband speeds.

• We want to extend free Wi-fi on the London Underground to all trains, buses and trams across the country.

Abolition of High Street Business Rates:

More than 300,000 shops employ nearly three million people in the UK, and High Streets remain an important part of our towns and communities, particularly outside London and for older people. However, the internet has transformed the way that many people shop and do business and has left High Street retailers at a significant disadvantage.

• We want to help revive our town centres by abolishing business rates for all High Street businesses outside the M25. This will boost independent businesses that can innovate and thrive on the High Street. It can be paid for by levying a microtax on internet sales.

Political Reform:

Abolition of the House of Lords

Reform of the Supreme Court

Replace first-past the-post system with proportional representation

Make it easier for constituents to force by-elections to oust MP’s who switch parties